Foad Nasser Babu: A Musician With A Message For Young Musicians | 2017-03-20 |

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Foad Nasser Babu: A Musician With A Message For Young Musicians

Nusrat Jahan Pritom

    20 March, 2017 12:00 AM printer

Foad Nasser Babu: A Musician 
With A Message 
For Young Musicians

Foad Nasser Babu is a living legend in the Bangladeshi music scene. He has gifted countless super-hit tracks. He is the band leader and keyboardist of the renowned band ‘Feedback’ which began its journey in 1976. He is a philosopher who enlightens the world with his musical ingenuity. He is an icon for many youths. Recently Groove has caught up with him to know more about him and current band music.


Say Something About Young Musicians


“I feel that the young musicians of today are very talented. They are very hard-working. I have seen many of them even doing patriotic songs. Youths hear the stories of liberation war from others or they read about it in books. Later, some of them incorporate these stories in their lyrics so that other people can also get to know it. They present the feelings of patriotism in their own innovative ways through music. I feel that this is a very positive aspect of our young musicians.”



Technology And Music

“Technology has made life easier for people. Everything is quite readily available and accessible now. I feel internet and technology could be a great tool for our present day musicians. Young musicians can use internet to reach out to mass people. Many of them already are using different websites like Facebook, Youtube and so on. They can take the music of Bangladesh as well as the patriotic songs to a greater platform of the world through this way. There are many Bengali speaking people around the world who may get some ideas about the history of our liberation from the patriotic songs of these bands.”




“Very soon we are going to celebrate our band’s anniversary. So I am busy with those works. Besides sometimes we also participate in live concerts so that we stay busy.”