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JS may be moved to mark March 25 as Genocide Day

PM blasts Pakistan for denying mass killing in 1971

Staff Correspondent     16 February, 2017 12:00 AM printer

JS may be moved 
to mark March 25 as Genocide Day

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina told parliament on Wednesday that a proposal may be brought before the House to declare March 25 as “Genocide Day.”


Taking part in an unscheduled discussion, she said “There is no doubt that genocide was committed by Pakistan army in Bangladesh on March 25 in 1971.


We can bring a proposal in parliament to mark dreadful March 25 as Genocide Day.”


She further said “We have to take a move and spread it to international arena with evidence so that the day may be observed as Genocide Day internationally.


Sheikh Hasina in her speech launched a blistering attack on Pakistan for publishing a book, denying its genocide carried out on the unarmed Bangalis during the country’s Liberation War in 1971.


Bitterly criticising Pakistan for its latest move to spread propaganda against the Liberation War, the premier said Bangladesh would formally register its protest to Pakistan for its blatant lie.


“We strongly condemn Pakistan’s such initiative. It will never be acceptable to Bangladesh,” Hasina told parliament session presided over by Speaker Shirin Sharmin Chaudhury.


She said that there is no doubt that the Pakistan occupation forces had carried out genocide in Bangladesh.


“We have repeatedly been asking Pakistan to seek an apology for committing genocide. Instead of seeking an apology, they are now trying to shift their crimes on our freedom fighters. How dare they publish such a book and send it to Bangladesh?” she asked.


The Prime Minister said Pakistani troops attacked residential halls at Dhaka University, the then East Pakistan Rifles (EPR) headquarters at Peelkhana and Rajarbagh Police Lines as part of its infamous ‘Operation Search Light,’ killing several thousand unarmed Bengalis on that night alone.


Portraying various crimes committed by Pakistan, the premier said it is a shame for Pakistan to try to hide their crimes.


She also raised a question how does Pakistan write such a story?


Expressing hatred for those who wrote such a book, the premier said the countrymen should know who among us support them.


“The countrymen should take into consideration who are yet to forget their foreign friends. Who are still oiling them?” she said.


The premier said it is unfortunate that the country’s former prime minister, whose husband usurped office illegally, raised a question over the number of the martyrs in the Liberation War.


“Khaleda Zia raised a question on that issue which is known by the people. It seemed she had an intention to provide scope to their friends to continue controversy over the liberation war martyrs,” she said.  


The premier said Bangladesh is an independent country.


“They had an assumption that Bangladesh would not be able to stand on its feet. They also hatched conspiracy and staged the 1975 massacre as part of that conspiracy. They thought that Bangladesh would be a failed state but Bangladesh now becomes a role model of development in the globe. Pakistan cannot accept this achievement and they are carrying out propaganda,” she said.


Taking the floor on a point of order, Commerce Minister Tofail Ahmed raised the issue saying, Pakistan recently published a book titled “Creation of Bangladesh: Myths exploded” and written by Junaid Ahmed which was sent to Bangladesh High Commission in Pakistan.


Referring to the book, he said genocide carried out by the Pakistan occupation forces was denied in the book.


“Instead, the book has portrayed freedom fighters as killers,” he said.


“Pakistani ISI has sent the book to the Bangladesh high commission in Pakistan. I condemn the act,” he said.


Tofail Ahmed proposed the House to declare March 25 as genocide day as the book had false and fabricated information regarding genocide, number of martyrs and persecution of women by Pakistani army.


After end of PM’s speech, Speaker Shirin Sharmin Chaudhury announced that discussion will take place in parliament on a specific date in March on observing March 25 as Genocide Day.