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CoU Archaeology Department

In search of ancient civilization


    12 February, 2017 12:00 AM printer

In search of ancient civilization

“A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within” historian Will Durant stated. Civilization returns and civilization stays, decays by the plague of giant descent or by the natural disasters, and preserves the history of human race under earth over the passage of time.  

To be trained practically, a good number of would-be archaeologists from the Department of Archaeology of Comilla University (CoU) headed by Mr Sohrab Uddin and Mr Sadequzzaman, lecturers of the dept. recently made a visit to Bikrampura of Munshigonj, an ancient capital city of Banga and Shamatata packed with the rich history of pre-medieval era, and era of Chandra, Barma, Sen, Shultani, Mughal and British empire. Through Spade, hose and pen, they dig out with much exuberance the history and heritage of thousands decades. Someone will become overwhelmed and hypnotized to see the mystical relics and antiquities all that are remained safe under the turf  that regained by an archaeological excavation on the areas inhabited by the civilization-makers. The archaeological excavations have revealed very significant antiquities including ancient human settlements, a magnificent collection of ancient coins, stupas, terracotta plaques, human fossil, epaulet, earthen pots, coal etc dating back to the 750-1200 A.D. After the excavation, they’ve also visited the Mazar of Baba Adam Shahi, Dighi of Ram Paul, Shrine of Brazajugini, Mir Kadim’s Poll, palace of lord Ballal Sen, Castle of Idrakpura, several ancient Buddhist settlements and may more.

Earlier on Bikrampura, Comilla University and Jahangir Nagar University took part in a joint-venture research project organized by Dr Nuh-Ul-Alam Lenin and sponsored by the Ministry of Culture under the supervise of Dr Suphi Mustafizur Rahman.

“To retrieve a nation’s history and heritage, there is no other alternative except objective archaeological research. To make our students as the saviours of history, we make a bridge between the pedagogic system and the applied works”, Mohammad Sohrab Uddin, Lecturer of Archaeology Department said.

To know the established saga, to believe in legends, and to dig out the terrible grisly fate of ancestors, archaeological excavation is a must in finding a voice to reclaim our own past. Hope, the nation will be spellbound and astounded by the newer research of the Archaeology Department of Comilla University to make Bangladesh as country full of surprises with a rich history and fascinating culture.


The writer is a Joint Secretary of Comilla University Journalist Association (CoUJA) and he prepared the article with the help of Kazi Kawsar Hamid, a student of Archaeology Department of Comilla University