Offroad Bangladesh in tourism development |

Offroad Bangladesh in tourism development

    29 December, 2015 12:00 AM printer

Offroad Bangladesh in tourism development

If your friends/relatives ask for suggestion about a vacation trip, what would be your answer? Your answer may be, “If you can afford, go for a trip somewhere outside Bangladesh.”
But the question is why we do not visit our beautiful Bangladesh? We have beaches, mountains, a rich history and a good collection of wildlife, a unique archaeological heritage and a host of other interesting tourist attractions. Bangladesh deserves to be in the preference list of international travellers.

Due to lack of efforts to present this beautiful country to the world, it mostly remains unnoticed. In the arena of world tourism even it is not considered as a tourism destination.
We don’t realise what we have and even if we do, we must have failed to promote tourism potentials of Bangladesh worldwide. And exactly, to promote Bangladeshi tourism potentials worldwide, Offroad Bangladesh (ORB) (, a private company has started its journey.  
What are highlighted in international media about Bangladesh are low standard of living, poverty and flood. But Bangladesh is more than that. In a sentence, ORB is trying to connect travellers to the hidden tourism gems of Bangladesh.  
Offroad Bangladesh is a tourism hub and a virtual tourism community where people can interact with each other, share their thoughts and tourism experiences and post their travel stories. This tourism institution offers world class travel packages with accommodation and communication arrangements.
This tourism hub provides tourists with information about the places to visit and nearest hotels. In this site one can find relevant information about tourist spots with suggestions for the tourists in a single click.

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