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How to complain less and be more optimistic

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How to complain less and be more optimistic

Whining and complaining bores and irritates everyone, so if you don't want to end up friendless, it's time to take a step back and deal with these traits.

Try to focus on the positives
The human brain is known to have a negativity bias. Psychologists say that our brain reacts strongly, i.e. there is a greater surge of electrical activity in the brain towards stimuli that it deems negative. And this is the reason we notice all the wrongs first. We need to make it a habit to notice the positives in all aspects of our lives. This, though difficult, can help us to be more positive and much happier than we are.

Complain in moderation
Of course you have your complaints and problems, everyone does. But trying not to whine over petty grievances can take you a long way. Ruminate on what all you can do to eliminate your problems, rather than becoming Moaning Myrtle.

Who do you want to be?
You could be that person who people always want to avoid because of the habit of complaining or you could become the friend who is always optimistic and brings laughter into everyone's lives. This desire to change your image and to become someone who is always positive, can help you deal with your attitude of whining.

Whatever you focus on, grows
Life coaches and authors of self-realisation books have reiterated that whatever we think about, is what we are and whatever aspect of life we really focus on, is the aspect that takes over our lives and grows exponentially. So, if we channel our focus on happiness, optimism and positivity, that is what our lives will overflow with. For once, forget your complaints and look for all the things in your life that you are happy and grateful for and then focus on them.

Look for a good listener
Good listening skills are rare. Find someone who can lend a kind ear, before you pour out your problems. You need someone who can help solve your problems, give a different perspective and help you move on.