Ruling party carrying out ‘anti-liberation activities’: BNP | 2015-11-18 |

Ruling party carrying out ‘anti-liberation activities’: BNP

Sun Online Desk     18th November, 2015 11:51:41 printer

Ruling party carrying out ‘anti-liberation activities’: BNP

BNP senior leader Abdullah Al Noman on Wednesday alleged that the ruling party is carrying out ‘anti-liberation activities’ though it frequently talks about Liberation War spirit.


Speaking at a discussion, he also alleged that freedom fighters are much more neglected in many ways and repressed under the rule of this Awami League-led government than any time in the past, UNB reports.


“The people of this country have earned the independence through sacrificing huge blood and fighting in the battlefield. But, now Awami League is engaged in anti-liberation activities uttering the spirit of the Liberation War,” the BNP leader said.


He further said, “We want to clearly say that we’ll continue our fight against those carrying out activities contrary to the Liberation War spirit.”


Noman, a BNP vice chairman, deplored that the women who had sacrificed their chastity and dignity during the Liberation War and fought against the Pakistani occupation forces are now more repressed under the current regime. “Many women are now in jail.”


Mentioning that BNP is a party of freedom fighters, he said their party’s main aim is to build the country removing the culture of deprivation and exploitation.


BNP arranged the discussion at the Jatiya Press club marking the 39th death anniversary of great national leader Maulana Abdul Hamid Khan Bhasani.


 Different socio-political organisations observed his death anniversary with elaborate programmes on Tuesday.


 Noman said the government arrested thousands of BNP leaders and activists in false cases showing its undemocratic attitude. “Many cases were filed against our leader Khaleda Zia. The trend of filing false cases and harassing our leaders and activists are increasing gradually while a fresh plot is being hatched against our leader Tarique Rahman.”


He warned the government that the more it will repress people the more people will get angry with it. “People’s pent-up anger will explode one day and you won’t be able to control it then.”


Noman urged the democratic forces to get united to restore democracy and people’s right in the country through a strong movement.


He also urged the government to the take steps so that Bhasani’s death and birth anniversaries can be observed nationwide officially in the future.