PM greets Suu Kyi on her election victory | 2015-11-09 |

PM greets Suu Kyi on her election victory

Sun Online Desk     9th November, 2015 11:57:16 printer

PM greets Suu Kyi on her election victory

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Monday congratulated Aung San Suu Kyi, Chairperson of National League for Democracy of Myanmar, on the resounding election victory of her party in the country’s historic election with an overwhelming majority.


In a congratulatory message, Sheikh Hasina said, "This victory, in the face of formidable challenges, is a testimony to the love, respect and trust of Burmese people for you as well as the hard work and sacrifices made by your motivated workers and leaders to translate that goodwill into votes."


She said, "I believe the people of Myanmar have pronounced loudly their preference for a real change that they have been eagerly waiting for a long time. The verdict appears to be for a comprehensive transition towards a genuine democracy and for a robust journey towards a truly pluralist Union, reflective of the needs and aspirations of all ethnicities and minorities."


The Prime Minster also said, "We need to avail this opportunity to build on our historic ties and develop a deep mutual respect for each other's people and cultures as we strive to make our bilateral relations multilayered and inter-dependent."


Hasina said, "As Myanmar emerges as a democracy upholding universal values, I would like to reassure you that Bangladesh would be a willing partner of Myanmar in creating the right atmosphere for peace, stability and progress in South Asia and South East Asia."


She also extended once again warmest congratulation to Suu Kyi and to the victorious people of Myanmar on behalf of her party Awami League and the people of Bangladesh.