Business Inside Intelleigence Social Commerce Report 2015 | 2015-09-21 |

Business Inside Intelleigence Social Commerce Report 2015

Facebook is leading the way in social commerce

Syed Rabius Shams     21st September, 2015 11:57:03 printer

Business Inside Intelleigence Social Commerce Report 2015

Facebook is the top social commerce platform, driving more than two-thirds of mobile e-commerce traffic and boosting social media's quickly growing share of e-commerce web traffic reports Business Inside (BI) Intelleigence. The US based organisation depicts that the Facebook accounts for 50% of total social referrals and 64% of total social revenue. The site’s social commerce initiatives, including a recent focus on its Messenger app, largely reflect social media's increasingly important role for online retailers come to know the report from the entity’s website. The Report revels that Social media increased its share of e-commerce referrals nearly 200% between the first quarters of 2014 and 2015. It is driving much bigger increases in retail traffic than any other online channel. The study depicts that Social media users are 35% less likely to share a brand's or retailer's social post on mobile than they are on desktop computers. For retailers to maintain these social gains, they will need to pay special attention to mobile, where social engagement with retail content is still limited.  Whereas Pinterest is a major social commerce player despite a relatively small user base. The pinning platform drives 16% of social commerce. New buy and action buttons on retailer posts should make Pinterest an even stronger referral and revenue engine for brands. Contrary, Twitter is losing its influence for mass-market merchants, but it could still have a role to play among sporting and events marketers, especially for location-based promotions. Recently, NFL and NBA teams have used Twitter to sell game tickets and merchandise. And Instagram doesn't drive significant sales activity for retailers but high-end companies have been leveraging the platform for branding purposes. New Buy buttons on paid posts, as well as increased targeting capabilities, could make the app a more important direct-response driver, the BI intellegency portays. Cooper Smith, Senior Research Analystof BI Intellegience is the author of the report. For details may visit


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