Gariwala wins best film award at Kolkata film fest | 2015-09-20 |

Gariwala wins best film award at Kolkata film fest

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Gariwala wins best film award at Kolkata film fest

Gariwala, a feature film directed by Ashraf Shishir, won the Best Film Award at the NEZ International Film Festival in Kolkata of India.


Besides, Rokeya Prachi also won the Best Supporting Actress Award while Sheikh Maruf bagged the Best Child Artiste Award for working in the film at the festival to be held from September 25 to 26.


Ashraf Shishir, Rokeya Prachi and Sheikh Maruf will receive awards at the festival at iLead Campus Auditorium of Kolkata on its closing day.


NEZ International Film Festival will be launched with screening of Gariwala, the film scheduled to hit theatres across Bangladesh on Eid-ul-Azha.


Gariwala also won the best screenplay award at the North Carolina Film Festival in the USA.


Ashraf Shishir, director and script writer of the movie, received the best screenplay award at the festival held on January 24-25 this year.  


Gariwala also bagged the best supporting actor award and the best child artiste award at the carnival.


Earlier, Gariwala competed at the three-day Rafi Peer International Film Festival in Lahore on December 25-27. Gariwala, a government grants winning film, portrays the touchy story of two siblings and their mother who fight to get rid of acute poverty.


The cast of the film includes Rokeya Prachi, Raisul Islam Asad, Masum Aziz, Imran and Saki Farzana, among others.


The film was screened at the fourth Athens International Digital Film Festival in Athens on December 16 last year.


Besides, the film was also screened at Sharjah International Children’s Film Festival held on October 19-24 and Kolkata International Film Festival on November 9-17 in 2014.


Ashraf Shishir is a very promising young film director and scriptwriter. His famous works include The Innocence, Gaariwala, The Art & Religion, The Daily Refuse, The Fukuwaka Method, and The Ages.


NEZ International Film Festival (NIFF) stands for best of world cinemas in the categories of Feature Films, Short Films, Documentaries Films and Ad Films. A platform of NIFF is meant for bringing undiscovered pure talents before a larger audience of the world.