Build trust among Rohingyas before repatriation | 2018-12-04 |

Build trust among Rohingyas before repatriation

Md Enamul Hassan     4th December, 2018 11:22:35 printer

Build trust among Rohingyas before repatriation

It is Myanmar that must build trust and confidence among the Rohingyas about their safe return to Rakhine state voluntarily, according diplomatic sources.

The much sought-after repatriation that was likely to begin on November 15 fell flat because of absence of confidence in the diaspora when it comes to their security in Myanmar, added the sources.

There has been a crisis of confidence as persecution and genocide against the vulnerable group of population are still underway.


The most persecuted minorities in the world still witness that their brothers and sisters are fleeing into Bangladesh for saving their lives.

A couple of weeks ago, Marzuki Darusman, chairperson of the UN fact-finding mission on Myanmar, described the situation inside Myanmar as “an ongoing genocide” against the Rohingyas.

The UN Refugee Agency, UNHCR, has recently categorically said the Myanmar government must take full responsibility to create an environment conducive to the sustainable repatriation of the refugees.

“Such responsibilities rest entirely on the Government of Myanmar, not Bangladesh,” James Lynch, UNHCR regional representative, said at a seminar in Dhaka.

The US news outlet CNN also ran a news item on the Rohingya situation Saturday.

It said most of the Rohingya areas inside Myanmar no longer exist as either their dwellings have been burned or redistributed to Buddhist citizens.

The report said for a sustainable repatriation, Myanmar must overhaul its 1982 Citizenship Law which rendered the Rohingya stateless.

It also stressed that the Rakhine diaspora be given the same status, legal rights and protections as everyone else in the country in order to build confidence.

There are even calls that the individuals belonging to the Myanmar institutions and civil society organizations that orchestrated the genocide be fired and held accountable before the international tribunal.

The CNN report mentioned that the highest priority must be given to ensure safety of the remaining Rohingya people.

“And realistically, for the foreseeable future, their safety can only be ensured by the international community who only have access to Bangladesh, not Rakhine State,” the report said.

The CNN report said to that end, the international community must work together with Bangladesh to invest in the Rohingya communities and in Bangladesh itself to build a sustainable thriving community.

“The international community must seek to recover the costs of this endeavour from those who instigated the ethnic cleansing from Myanmar: The Myanmar government and the military leaders who, incidentally, also control most of Myanmar’s wealth,” it added.