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Election-craze in Bangladesh and the curious case of Hero Alom

Shayan S Khan and Saykot Kabir Shayok, UNB     20th November, 2018 05:19:19 printer

Election-craze in Bangladesh and the curious case of Hero Alom

In recent times, have not only the prominent movie-tv stars, singers bought nomination papers for different parties to partake in upcoming 11th national election, but a weird bunch of celebrities too have jumped the election wagon; of which, the name Hero Alom catches attention the most.


Ashraful Alam alias Hero Alom is known as an internet sensation in a hilarious way as few of his local music videos and telefilms or 'natok' got viral in social media over the last few years.


Ashraful, who hails from Bagura district, has settled in Erulia with his spouse and children.


Recently he bought nomination paper for Jatiya Party for contesting in upcoming national election from Bagura-4 constituency which became talk of the internet again as his decision puzzled many.


Alongside many famed names including actor Ferdous, actress Shami Kaiser, and singer Kanak Chapa even Bangladesh National Cricket Team skipper Mashrafe Bin Mortaza, the name Hero Alom looks odd according to commoners of Social Media.


To their surprise, even though how illiterate this man can be or how hilariously he became an internet star, Hero Alom's concept and cause of action remains clear as he stated in various Television and Press Interviews.


Seen in a TV talk show in a prominent channel recently, he made his point saying, "Men dream bigger. I can give example of India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi who sold tea as profession, if not dream, how could he went on becoming the Prime Minister...Men can always dream, what's wrong in it if I do the same?"


Upon asked about his quality to become a Member of Parliament, Ashraful answered cleverly saying, "How many men had the proper qualities for becoming an MP previously? Many of them are accused in several police cases whereas I am clean of any charges at least."


His answers seemingly sounded like arrogant and the anchors along with many of the viewers even mocked him in social media.


Despite all the negativity and backlash he received, Hero Alom is still holding his head high and his logics are concrete in nature.


Amid all the mockery and jokes, now comes a simple question --- Is politics in Bangladesh not a place for simple, earthly men anymore? Apparently, the answer lies within the people as not too many people are interested in joining politics for ideology rather than money.


No matter how little Hero Alom's political knowledge is or how he's being judged upon his appearance do not prohibit him from dreaming for a seat in the Parliament, comes from several active social media users.


A new voice has superficially risen denouncing the ridicule he has been receiving and they are in support of a political trend that involves people regardless of their social status or political connections.


For the past few days this rebellion against social and political 'norms' has caught the attention of the mass.


It does not really matter if Hero Alom wins it in the end or not, despite his limitations, he too braved for a dream that is aspired by many, this fact alone sets him apart from other celebrities in the race.