Academics slam communist party’s rebuke of Vietnam publisher | 2018-11-15 |

Academics slam communist party’s rebuke of Vietnam publisher

    14th November, 2018 10:22:44 printer

HANOI: More than 80 international scholars have upbraided Vietnam’s Communist Party for condemning a prominent book publisher whose titles criticised socialism, a no-go zone in the Marxist country, reports AFP.

Vietnam is one of the world’s few surviving one-party communist states, and though it has embraced market reforms its politics on paper remain strictly socialist. The group of scholars issued a letter on Wednesday lending their support to 78-year-old publisher Chu Hao, who was denounced last month by the government for printing books on economics and political science deemed out of line.

The government has called for Hao to be officially disciplined and confiscated or destroyed several of the volumes he printed.

The rebuke prompted Hao to rescind his communist party membership of 45 years and sparked concern from the academic community abroad, which sent a letter of protest signed by 81 scholars, academics and researchers in 10 countries to Vietnam’s top leaders.