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Poverty defeated...

Ahamed Ullah     20th October, 2018 04:14:02 printer

Poverty defeated...

Eight-year-old Bithi used to study under street light due to lack of proper support from her poor family at the capital’s Dhanmondi area.


Poverty has become a bane of her life but it cannot stop her from studying as she has an invincible determination.


“I love to study in a good school but I can’t do that due to poverty. However, I read in Apon Pathshala at Dhanmondi Lake,” Bithi told the daily sun on Wednesday.


She said, “Teachers at Apon Pathshala teach us  five days a week. They also give us books, pen and paper.”


“My father is sick and he is unable to do heavy work. He is the lone breadwinner for our family. He earns a small money by measuring weight of people with his weight-scale in Dhanmondi area,” Bithi added.


She said, “All day long my father sits on the street with his weight-scale. But in the evening, I continue the job to help my father.”


“I study under the street light beside the weight-scale. I have a wish to go to a school and continue my study like other children,” she added.


Harun, the father of Bithi, told the daily sun, “Earlier, I worked as a model in Faculty of Fine Arts of Dhaka University. As I’m very sick now, I can’t continue the job. So I’m earning for my family with a weight scale.”


He said, “In the evening I get tired and Bithi helps me continue the job.”

“Bithi wants to study in a school but I’m unable to send her to school due to my meagre income,” he added.


Harun further said, “But she’s continuing her study at a street school in Dhanmondi Lake operated by Apon Foundation. They’ve also given me a weight scale which I am using to earn for my family.”


He made an appeal to the rich of the society to help his daughter continue her study.


Mohammad Aftabuzzaman, executive director of Apon Foundation, told the daily sun, “We are operating 16 centres in the capital as part of our education programme. About 500 street children study in these centres.”


“Besides education, we also provide them with  nutrition and hygiene support. We support the family members of our students,” he added.