Air India plane hits wall on take-off | 2018-10-12 |

Air India plane hits wall on take-off

BBC     12th October, 2018 06:12:49 printer

Air India plane hits wall on take-off

A passenger plane travelling from the south Indian city of Trichy to Dubai sustained damage after hitting the airport wall during take off.


Air India IX 611, which was carrying 130 passengers and six crew members, was diverted to Mumbai, where it landed safely.


Air India said the two pilots, who have more than 6,500 hours of flying experience between them, have been grounded, pending investigation.


Air India is India's national carrier.


The airline said in a statement that the Boeing 737 aircraft took off from Trichy airport in southern India early on Friday when airport officials "observed that aircraft might have come in contact with the airport perimeter wall".


"The matter was conveyed to the pilot in command. The pilot in command reported that the aircraft systems were operating normally."


The plane was then diverted to the western city of Mumbai.