Trauma still haunts victims | 2018-10-11 |

August 21 Grenade Attack

Trauma still haunts victims

Anaet Shawon     11th October, 2018 12:21:31 printer

Trauma still haunts victims

Trauma of August 21 grenade attack still haunts several hundred victims even after 14 years of the deadly incident.


Survivors still hear the screams of wounded people in the attack while many of them are suffering from splinter injuries.


Talking to the daily sun, they shared their horrible experience of the grisly grenade attack that took place at an Awami League rally on Bangabandhu Avenue.


The attack left 24 people killed and over 400 others injured in 2004 during the regime of BNP-led alliance government.


While recalling the attack, AL organising secretary AFM Bahauddin Nasim who witnessed the grenade attack, said, “I could not forget the screams of wounded people as I was in the rally just behind the makeshift stage on a truck.”


Nasim, the then president of Swechchhasebak League, said, “I fainted for a while but it is impossible for me to forget the state-patronised killing. There were lifeless human bodies, blood and severed body parts lying on the street after the attack.”


“I am still carrying dozens of splinters in my body, including in head. I cannot sleep a night without pain, which reminded me all the time about the grisly attack on Sheikh Hasina,” he said.


Ummey Razia Kajol, then assistant secretary of Swechchhasebak League, said she suffered severe splinter injury to her left leg.


“I attended the rally on the day. After the grenade explosions, all started running. I also tried to run but could not leave the place. I saw many people screaming for help,” she said.


Mentioning that she was standing a few feet away from Ivy Rahman, Razia said, “I saw Ivy Rahman, former president of Mahila Awami League, and others lying on the street in a pool of blood.”


“The gruesome grenade attack left me paralysed,” Razia said.


Nargis Akter Ruma, another witness and victim, said, “The then Bangladesh Nationalist Party-led government patronised the attack and even they did not provide us treatment.”


“When I fainted, I saw the face of my five-year-old child. I saw men and women lying on the street in pools of blood when I regained my sense,” Ruma said.


Bazlur Rahman, then joint general secretary of Dhaka city Awami League chapter, said he has been suffering from various diseases due to the grenade attack as many splinters still remain in his body.