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Extend a helping hand for child Farhatul

Sun Online Desk     8th October, 2018 04:42:29 printer

Extend a helping hand for child Farhatul

A still photo of Farhatul Mahmud when he was hale and hearty.

Farhatul Mahmud Hasan is a class three student of Motijheel Ideal School & College. He is now undergoing treatment for Hepatitis C, Blood Cancer and E-beta Thalassemia in a hospital in Chennai, India. He is fighting for his life.


Every day is one day closer to death for him. Unless he can undergo surgery for a Bone-marrow transplantation, all efforts to save him will go in vain.


Farhatul’s father Sadekul Islam spoke over telephone on Sunday evening. His voice was trembling, but spoke with strength of mind, “I have been struggling for long to save my son’s life. He is becoming languished day by day. A total of 90 lakh taka is needed for the arrangement of his bone-marrow transplantation. I have already spent over one crore of taka to bear the cost of his expensive treatment. Now, I am almost destitute. So, this is my earnest request to my friends, acquaintances and even strangers to come forward to contribute towards his treatment. I want to get back my son. With everyone’s prayers and help, I want to get back the smiling face of my beloved son.”


If anyone wants to extend assistance for Farhatul, they may deposit funds to:


Md. Sadekul Islam, account number: 12511, Islami Bank, Rampura Branch, Dhaka. Or, account number: 192.210.700.10440. Prime Bank, Bansree Branch, Dhaka. Bkash number: 01864-291327, 01864-291328.