International Ozone Day being observed | 2018-09-16 |

International Ozone Day being observed

UNB     16th September, 2018 11:27:12 printer

International Ozone Day being observed


The International Ozone Day is being observed across the country on Sunday as elsewhere in the world for creating awareness about depletion of the ozone layer and its adverse effects on this planet's environment.


Since 1995, the day has been observed every year on September 16 as per the decision of UN General Assembly adopted on December 19, 1994 in order to raise awareness about the damage being done to the ozone layer through chlorofluorocarbon emissions.


The theme of this year is “Keep cool and carry on, the Montreal Protocol.”


Marking the day President Abdul Hamid and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasna has issued separate massages.


In his massage, President Abdul Hamid urged all people around the globe to save the environment for a habitable world for the next generation.


Meanwhile, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina hoped with the joint effort of all Montreal Protocol would perform a significant role in saving the environment by using nature friendly alternatives.


The ozone layer, a fragile shield of gas, protects the earth from the harmful portion of the rays of the sun, thus helping preserve life on the planet.


The phase-out of controlled uses of ozone depleting substances and the related reductions have not only helped protect the ozone layer for this and future generations, but have also contributed significantly to global efforts to address climate change; furthermore, it has protected human health and ecosystems by limiting the harmful ultraviolet radiation from reaching the earth.