Apple iPhone XS unveiled alongside fall-detecting Watch | 2018-09-13 |

Apple iPhone XS unveiled alongside fall-detecting Watch

BBC     13th September, 2018 10:12:22 printer

Apple iPhone XS unveiled alongside fall-detecting Watch


Apple has updated its iPhone X handset with three more powerful models, two of which are larger than before.


The iPhone XS Max has a 6.5in (16.5cm) display. The iPhone XS has the same 5.8in-sized component as the original. The iPhone XR's screen is 6.1in but is lower quality.


A new smartwatch was also launched with an added fall-detection function.


There had been concerns that the relatively high £999 entry price of iPhone X would limit its appeal.


But Apple said it had consistently proven more popular than either of the lower-priced iPhone 8 models. Market research firms suggest it also outsold rival companies' flagship devices.


That helped propel Apple to become the world's first company with a market capitalisation above $1tn (£768bn).


However, China's Huawei still managed to overtake it in terms of overall smartphone market share in the April-to-June quarter, putting Apple into third place.


The XS Max will become the most expensive handset Apple has sold to date, with its price ranging from £1,099 to £1,449 depending on its amount of storage.


The XS will match the original X's £999-£1,349 cost, while the XR will be £749-£899.


Apple has not, however, included a headphone dongle this time round, so owners of wired headphones will need to factor in an additional £9 charge to add one.


In addition, its chassis is made from aluminium rather than steel, which means it is likely to be less damage-resistant. However, unlike the more expensive models it comes in six different colours.


The XS and XS Max also introduce support for two mobile contracts - in most countries this will be via a physical Sim card in addition to an electronic eSim, which can be activated via a QR code among other means.


The version sold to Chinese consumers, however, will require two physical Sim cards to achieve this.


Benefits to owners include:


being able to sign up to a temporary service while travelling overseas while still being able to accept calls on their normal number


having a work and personal account installed on the same phone


being able to take advantage of cheap data deals while still retaining the same contact number