Printing should be turned into an Export Industry: Engr. Mehedi Hasan | 2018-09-12 |

Printing should be turned into an Export Industry: Engr. Mehedi Hasan

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Printing should be turned into an Export Industry: Engr. Mehedi Hasan

Mentioning the potentiality of printing industry in the country, Engr. Mehedi Hasan, the Vice Chairman of Printing Industries Association of Bangladesh (PIAB) said there is no alternative to its modernisation.


He calls the industry insiders for installing modern and dynamic technology to make the sector export oriented like as garment industry.


Pointing to a statistics, he said, "There exists trillion dollar printing business in south east-Asia. This market is beckoning Bangladesh."


He came up with the statements while addressing a promotional seminar titled "Label Expo India 2018" arranged with the entrepreneurship of Tartas Exhibition India Private Limited on Wednesday.


Engr Mehedi Hasan says, "Printing business in this region cannot be imagined without label because people are now as modern as they are fashionable. Printing business has got the touch of modernisation with the change in people's taste and zest. To tap the benefit of this alluring market, two giants, India and China have been competing from long since. Label Expo is going to be held in India on the 22-25 November.


“We will attend there, we will accept Indian technology wholeheartedly if it seems sound," he added.


He further said, "Publishing books has become modernised nowadays. Hard cover book printing, paper cover book printing, hard cover notebook, spray book printing, book printing, packaging book, calendar, all types of PVC products, note, kid books, sticker - everything is being produced with special paper, color printing materials."


The Vice Chairman of PIAB also added, "Using modern technology, will not only upgrade the standard of printing business but also bring about a radical change in the sector. And thus the country will likely be able to exploit the potential of international market of the printing business."


At onset of the seminar, everyone stands up for a minute commemorating the illness of Jaharul Islam, the General Secretary of the Association.


Among others, Shahid Sereniabat, the Chairman, Printing Association of Bangladesh; Hasina Newaz, former Vice President, FBCCI; Pradip Sarma, Event Manager, Label Expo India were also spoke at the seminar.