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Identifying empty calories

Sun Online Desk     9th September, 2018 01:36:16 printer

Identifying empty calories


At some point or the other, you all must have been advised not to binge on empty calories. Packaged foods found in grocery stores are full of empty calories which means that such foods have a negligible amount of nutritional value but a high content of added or artificial sugar.


‘Empty’ literally means ‘containing nothing.’ These foods fill your body majorly with added sugars and solid fats (fats that remain solid even at room temperature; for instance, butter) and as a result, when consumed in excess, these empty calories contribute to unhealthy weight gain. This is especially true if you’re not burning enough calories through engaging in physical activities.


We tend to add up on a lot of empty calories from consumption of syrups which are added to processed foods. Such ingredients are added to foods to make them taste better, but they do not provide your body anything to thrive.


Moreover, eating too many calories lead to an increased craving for something sweet. In other words, foods high in calories have nothing to offer your body beyond calories that only create increased waistlines.