Militants – your days are numbered | 2018-09-02 |

Militants – your days are numbered

    1st September, 2018 09:23:35 printer

As apprehended, militants especially the religious fanatics are too stubborn to be eradicated quickly from the face of the society. The source of their obstinacy is their wrong conception based on distorted and misleading interpretations of Islam. They seem to be really convinced that what they are doing is for establishing rule of Islam. But clearly killing innocent people and other fellow Muslims and creating anarchy in society cannot be an ideal and acceptable way of serving the cause of Islam. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) spread the messages of Islam through peaceful means of persuasion. He waged defensive wars only when enemies imposed unjust wars on the followers of Islam. Today’s militants have completely deviated themselves from the path of the Prophet (pbuh).

The wrong path that the militants are following has isolated them from the mainstream society. Countrywide serial bombings, killing of innocent people at the city Holey Artisan Bakery and elsewhere and such other horrifying activities can in no way win public support for them. On the other hand, the strong anti-militant drives of the law enforcement agencies have relegated the fanatics to a completely defensive position and on the verge of physical collapse. Isolated from the masses as they are, the wayward elements now find it difficult to find secure shelters. Thus, they are compelled to stay hither and thither under false identities.

At the earlier stages of their activities, the militants used to stay in big cities and carry on their criminal activities. Now they obviously have changed their tactics and are staying in a scattered manner, preferably in isolate and hard-to-reach areas. This is clearly with the objective of avoiding direct clashes with crime busters and securing longer physical existence. This only means that they are now marking time, reorganising them and waiting for opportune moments to spit venom.

However, their days are numbered; in isolation from the masses and with weaker organisational strength, they will not be able to sustain for a longer period. They are making futile efforts and against the trend of history at that. As we opined on an earlier date, it is time for them to turn away from the wrong path that will inevitably lead them to a complete elimination – physical and ideological.