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Want to stay fit? Try these online fitness solutions

Sun Online Desk     22nd August, 2018 11:12:16 printer

Want to stay fit? Try these online fitness solutions


Staying fit is important for good health, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the key to staying fit. While gyms and companies offering fitness solutions galore, finding the right option may prove tricky.


There are several online platforms that can help one maintain a balance between work hours and a healthy lifestyle.




It is a fitness platform which can help you seek consultation from professionals to achieve your fitness goals. It provides customized diet and fitness plans created by a team of expert fitness consultations which are personalized to one’s needs and lifestyle. The package includes a diet plan, fitness goal-tracking and counselling services.


7 minutes fitness


On this platform, you can choose a bunch of workouts or a 30-day challenge. During the challenge, the platform will track the daily routine. Each workout will have detailed instructions with demonstrative videos.




Strava is an app ideal for running and cycling. It helps you in tracking stats like distance, speed, pace, elevation and amount of calories burned during the workout. Its built-in network also lets you share these stats and join digital clubs with other fitness enthusiasts. Additionally, it’s compatible with most GPS running watches and activity trackers.


Cleanse High Detoxification


People are slogging themselves the entire week and feel exhausted. Pollution, chemicals, bad lifestyle, reduced sleep deteriorates the body leading to health problems. In this case, you require rest, nourishment and detoxification for a refreshed mind and body.




Trifecta is a platform that focuses on functional fitness training whether you’re working out at home or at the gym. The platform provides a daily workout routine, nutrition tracker.




For those who want to keep a count on the calorie that they are in-taking, swiggy provides healthy restaurant-quality calorie-counted food at various restaurants in different cities. Restaurants also have a special menu for healthy eating, well packed and fresh. To name a few, there are Hello Green in Mumbai, Purple Basil in Bangalore and more which would help you manage the calorie count per day and healthy eating during the busy work life.