Cattle prices plunge dramatically with few buyers on last day | 2018-08-21 |

Cattle prices plunge dramatically with few buyers on last day

Sun Online Desk     21st August, 2018 11:22:56 printer

Cattle prices plunge dramatically with few buyers on last day

Just a day ahead of Eid-ul-Azha, sales of sacrificial animals at different markets in the capital went down dramatically on Tuesday, resulting in a sharp downturn in prices on the eve of the festival.


Although buyers started thronging the cattle markets since morning, the evening saw less presence of crowds in cattle markets including Gabtali, Shaymoli, Mohammadpur, Nayabazar, Aftabnagar and Kamalapur.


Buyers and traders said a huge number of cattle entered the capital from different parts of the country in last 48 hours.


The prices of the cattle dramatically fall than that of the last couple of days, traders said.


The prices might be decreased further if the cattle supply increases, they said.


While visiting Eastern Housing cattle market in the capital’s Mirpur area, this UNB correspondent found that plenty of cattle were there, but few buyers.


The same situation was prevailing in other city markets including 100-ft market, Shanir Akhra and Kamalapur markets.


In Eastern Housing market, a buyer bought two goats for just Tk 3400, while another buyer was going with a cow bought for Tk 22,000.


The buyer of the cow with a smile on his face told UNB, “A cow for the price of a goat.”


Rakib Imran, one of the lessees of the 100-ft cattle market, said the supply of sacrificial animals is sufficient.


“The cow whose price was offered Tk one lakh last night is not getting any customer for even Tk 80,000 today,” he said.


The demand for small-sized cows was higher as well as those were being sold at higher prices. Moreover, the supply of the bigger ones was adequate.


Another UNB correspondent found that lots of cattle were there in Kamalapur market, but the number of customers did not match up.


While taking to UNB, Suman, a cattle trader who came from Kushtia with 17 bulls, said 13 of his cattle were already sold and he made a good profit out of those.


“If I get reasonable price, even the same as my costs, I will sell all of those and go home.”


However, the price of goats was a bit reasonable as lots of medium sized ones were available in all the markets.


Small-sized cattle are selling at Tk 40,000-70,000 each while medium-sized ones at Tk 1-1.75 lakh each and large-sized ones Tk 3-10 lakh each in his market.


Earlier on Monday, Aminul Islam, a cattle trader who came from Kushtia, said they were getting fair prices of their cattle heads this year due to the poor presence of Indian cattle.


Dhaka North City Corporation has set up nine temporary cattle markets or haats alongside Gabtoli permanent cattle market while Dhaka South City Corporation gave permission for setting up 15 temporary cattle haats this year.