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Woman orders health products, gets dead crocodile in parcel

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Woman orders health products, gets dead crocodile in parcel

A woman in China's Zhejiang province was shocked to receive the dead bodies of a crocodile and a lizard inside a box of health products she had ordered online.


According to an MSN report, when her packages arrived, the woman who has been identified as Zhang noticed a strange odour emanating from one of the packages. When she opened the box she discovered two dead animals measuring about three feet long and curled up in a white foam box.


The woman and her husband called local police who were able to identify the specimen and the sender of the crocodile. They scanned the QR code on a tag looped around the crocodile's tail. It was revealed that it was a Siamese crocodile, a critically endangered reptile native to Southeast Asia, and had come from a Chinese breeding farm. It was to be delivered alive but died while in the box due to the unexpectedly long journey.


The delivery company revealed the goof up was on their part after their staff mixed up the address labels and the crocodile was wrongly delivered to Zhang. Selling crocodiles in such a way is legal China provided breeders possess proper approval, local police told the Youth Times.


Crocodile meat is highly prized in traditional Chinese medicine for treating illnesses like asthma and hay fever, Quartz reported earlier. The Siamese crocodile witnessed a sharp decline in the twentieth century when they were hunted for their skin, the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)'s Red List noted. The remaining wild Siamese crocodiles continue to face illegal collection and habitat loss.


Source: Khaleej Times