Mad rush to BRTA for driving licence, fitness papers | 2018-08-07 |

Mad rush to BRTA for driving licence, fitness papers

Ahamed Ullah     7th August, 2018 03:00:19 printer

Mad rush to BRTA for driving licence, fitness papers

After the students’ safe road movement, a huge number of people gather at the Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA) office for obtaining driving licences and fitness certificates of vehicles every day.


BRTA officials said after the start of students’ movement, the number of applications for driving licence and other legal documents is increasing every day. Even many people are failing to submit applications due to the huge crowd.


Since the start of the movement, students had checked registration papers and driving licences of drivers on the city roads. Through the week-long movement, the students were able to make people aware of the need for valid driving licences and vehicle fitness certificates.


While visiting Mirpur BRTA office on Monday, a huge rush of drivers and vehicle owners were seen inside the compound.


A long queue was seen for submitting licence renewal fees and collecting trainee driving licences and fitness certificates for vehicles.


A long queue of private cars was also seen outside the BRTA office for obtaining fitness certificates while a large number of motorcycles gathered inside the compound for various purposes.


Some BRTA officials said earlier at Mirpur BRTA office people submitted, on an average, 110 applications for driving licence each day but now  around 400 applications are submitted.


Earlier, 50 people applied for driving licence renewal, now the number is more than 100. Earlier, around 900 applications for fitness certificate were submitted each day, now the number reached 2000.


Besides, the applications for ownership changes, digital number plates, digital driving licence etc have increased significantly.


In the situation, the BRTA authorities are struggling to cope with the pressure of additional  people.


BRTA Deputy Director Md Masud Alam said: “We are conducting special drives. Our five mobile courts have been working since the start of students’ movement. We are receiving a huge number of applications each day.”


But many people alleged that they are to face a lot of sufferings when they come to BRTA office for collecting legal documents.  


They said many people do not want to get valid papers due to hassles. In BRTA office, no work can be done on time. For a single work, or a silly mistake, people have to come here again and again.


Arman Hossain, a resident of Mirpur, said, “I have come to the BRTA office around 7:00am for driving licence. It is 11:00am still 30 to 40 people are waiting in front of me. A huge number of people are also standing behind me in the long queue.”


“But if you give some money to a broker then you can get your job done within 30 minutes,” he added.


A BRTA official said with the activities of the traffic police and mobile court, public awareness is also urgent for discipline on the road.


In the students’ movement, the young college students showed that discipline can be maintained on roads without misbehaving with common people.


In the movement, students forced a traffic police to file a case against him for not having papers with him. Students also halted a minister’s car which was coming from wrong side. They also stopped vehicles for not having licences and handed over those to police stations.


All these activities have created a framework of  discipline in the minds of common people.


On the first day of Traffic Week, a total of 7,081 cases were filed against road rules violators by police in Dhaka.


On the second day till 3pm, a total of 3,240 cases were filed against traffic offenders in the capital. According to the Traffic Department, the cases were filed because of traffic rule violations.


On the second day, cases were filed against 288 vehicles for driving on wrong sides of the roads, 12 for vehicles using hydraulic horns, 13 for vehicles using hooter and beacon lights, 17 microbuses for using tinted glass on their windows, and four cars for using different types of stickers.


Cases were also filed against 1866 motorcycles for violating traffic rules, 832 cases for not having driving licences and 105 cases for fitness certificates.


Aside from these, 55 cases were filed for mobile phone usage while driving. The DMP will continue the drive till August 11.


On July 10, Road, Transport and Bridges Minister Obaidul Quader told the parliament there are only 18.7 lakh people with valid driving licences for driving nearly 35 lakh registered vehicles.


“As per the statistics as of June 30, 2018, there are around 34,98,620 registered vehicles. Of those, 22,06,155 are motorcycles. Against the total vehicles, there are 18,69,819 people have valid licences,” Quader said while responding to a question of M Abdul Latif.