Bangladesh witnesses longest luner eclipse | 2018-07-28 |

Bangladesh witnesses longest luner eclipse

Sun Online Desk     28th July, 2018 10:06:09 printer

Bangladesh witnesses longest luner eclipse


Although the sky over Bangladesh was not too clear due to clouds, many people of the country saw the record-breaking lunar eclipse early Saturday.


The moon was to be eclipsed by the earth’s shadow for more than three hours, starting on Friday night and then into the early hours of Saturday morning.


The longest lunar eclipse of the century started at 11:13 pm and ended at 5:30 am, according to the Bangladesh Meteorological Department.


The maximum eclipse occurred at 1:37 am, making Bangladeshis thrilled.


The total lunar eclipse takes place when the earth comes between the sun and the moon and covers the moon with its shadow. When this happens, the moon can turn red, earning it the nickname ‘blood moon’.


This time, the earth’s shadow completely devoured the moon, causing the night sky to be pitch black. However, while looking skyward during a solar eclipse is extremely harmful to human eyes, watching a lunar eclipse is harmless.