Pro-AL teachers’ faction lay siege JU admn building | 2018-07-24 |

Pro-AL teachers’ faction lay siege JU admn building

Sun Online Desk     24th July, 2018 07:20:53 printer

Pro-AL teachers’ faction lay siege JU admn building

A faction of Awami League-backed Jahangirnagar University (JU) teachers on Tuesday laid a siege to the two administrative building for several hours, reports UNB.


In the demonstration they protested the alleged 'law violation' by the Vice-Chancellor (VC) Prof Farzana Islam.


The teachers, led by former JU VC Prof Sharif Enamul Kabir, under the banner of 'Bangabandhur Adarsha O Muktijuddher Chetonay Bishwashi Progotishil Shikkhak Samaj' began their siege programme around 8:30 am.


Around 20 teachers from different faculties took position in front of the old administrative building locking the main entrance of the building. They also kept the new administrative building locked till 4:00pm.


Due to the protest, the university administration was compelled to cancel four selection boards of several departments, said JU VC Prof Farzana Islam who also could not join her office.


Spokesperson of the protesting group, Associate Professor Farid Ahmed, said university's regular syndicate meeting was not held for 10 months resulting in delays in the process of teachers' promotion, students' certificate approvals, and different departments' results.


The protesting teachers alleged, "Recently the VC appointed the dean of law faculty and head of the provost committee without any election, which is clearly the violation of university's law."


They also termed the terminating of nine hall provosts as 'illegall' in the demonstration programme.