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Sandalwood For A Soft And Supple Skin

Shamma Zehrin     15th July, 2018 09:55:43 printer

Sandalwood For A Soft And Supple Skin

The sweet, woody and warmth fragrance of sandalwood brings instant peace and relaxes your mind. Sandalwood is an aromatic wood found in Asia. It is also known as the ‘Liquid Gold’. Sandalwood has been used for more than 4,000 years. Asians have been using the wood to create figurines, sandalwood paste for marking the forehead, scented oil, temple doors and incense. Well, sandalwood has therapeutic, medicinal and cosmetic qualities which take care of all your beauty needs. Using sandalwood soap, paste mask as part of your everyday beauty regime repairs your skin and keeps skin glowing. Here are some reasons why sandalwood is good for your skin:


Perfect Moisturizer

Sandalwood soaps can be used daily because it contains pure sandalwood oil, extracted from old trees and processed to form lovely silky soaps. Your body will have golden glow and smell amazing. This natural moisturizer prevents the skin from drying and also from becoming too oily.


Prevents Body Odour

Sandalwood has unique woody, sweet and warm fragrance which is distinctly noticeable. It has medicinal qualities that prevents bad odour. You may throw away those alcohols based deodorizers and just have a shower with sandalwood soap; your body will smell great all day.


Anti-Aging Benefits

Yes, you have read that right! Beauty products containing sandalwood is such an amazing little thing. It has anti-ageing benefits as sandalwood is known to reduce fine lines, tighten the skin, reduce pores and ease wrinkles.


Reduces Stress

Sandalwood oil is used in aromatherapy. It is suitable for releasing hypertension and stress. Daily use of sandalwood soap in the hot shower is beneficial for releasing tension and calming your thoughts. Many people also wash their face with face-cleansing products that contain sandalwood at work to feel fresh and less stressed.


Remedy For Itchiness

Skincare products having sandalwood are the perfect remedy for itchy skin. Dusty roads make our skin unhygienic and unhealthy. Thus we develop itchy skin. Sandalwood heals the itchy areas.


Even Out Skin Tone

We all want even skin tone. We should choose sandalwood for its antimicrobial qualities, which prevents sun tan, heals the skin and restores its health. Sandalwood works to restrain keloid formation on skin leaving it even and smooth.


Antiseptic Properties

Sandalwood has antiseptic properties. It can be a cure to your ring worms, rashes, blackheads, minor cuts, etc. Simply washing off the affected area with sandalwood everyday will show the results. It is a natural way of healing. Sandalwood with combinations of lilac extracts and cocoa butter makes for excellent beauty therapy.

In short, sandalwood is good for you for so many reasons. You just need to know the right ways of using it.