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Cease-fire holds after day of intense Israel-Hamas fighting


15th July, 2018 01:52:11 printer

Cease-fire holds after day of intense Israel-Hamas fighting


The Israeli military lifted its restrictions along the Gaza border area on Sunday, indicating it had accepted an Egypt-mediated cease-fire to end an intense, 24-hour round of fighting with Hamas militants that had threatened to devolve into all-out war.


The military had shut down a popular beach and placed limitations on large gatherings as residents kept mostly close to home on Saturday amid dozens of rockets that were fired from Gaza. But after several hours of calm it said summer camps would operate as usual and residents could resume their daily routines.


On Saturday, the military carried out its largest wave of airstrikes in Gaza since the 2014 war, hitting several Hamas military compounds and flattening a number of its training camps. Two Palestinian teenagers were killed in an airstrike in Gaza City, while four Israelis were wounded from a rocket that landed on a residential home.


The Israeli military said several mortar shells were fired even after Hamas announced the cease-fire as sirens warning of incoming projectiles wailed in Israel overnight again. The military struck the mortar launcher early Sunday but calm held for several hours after and neither side appears eager to resume hostilities.


Hamas police announced on Sunday that an explosion at a house in Gaza City killed a father and son, aged 35 and 13. The explosion was not the result of an Israeli airstrike and appeared more likely an accidental blast related to militant stock piles of explosives. Hamas said it would investigate.


Hamas, meanwhile, has been trying to break out of its isolation and spotlight the hardships of the impoverished strip without invoking the full wrath of Israel.