Trump attending second day of meetings at NATO | 2018-07-12 |

Trump attending second day of meetings at NATO

AP     12th July, 2018 02:51:40 printer

Trump attending second day of meetings at NATO


President Donald Trump has arrived at NATO headquarters, where he's attending a second day of meetings with leaders of the military alliance.


Trump was running behind schedule Thursday morning and arrived at the Brussels site a good half an hour later than expected.


A meeting of the North Atlantic Council with Georgia and Ukraine that Trump was scheduled to attend was called into order around 8:50 am Trump arrived around 9:15 am.


Other leaders have also been trickling in, and continue to arrive after Trump.


The president is expected to meet with the leaders of Azerbaijan, Romania, Ukraine and Georgia before he travels to London Thursday.


President Donald Trump is continuing to hammer NATO nations over their defense spending as he prepares for a second day of meetings in Brussels.


Trump says presidents have been trying to get "Germany and other rich NATO Nations" to pay toward protection from Russia.


He says the U.S. "pays tens of Billions of Dollars too much to subsidize Europe" and is demanding members meet their pledge to spend 2 percent of GDP on defense. He says it "must ultimately" go to 4 percent.


Trump's railing against a German pipeline deal with Russia, saying it's "Not acceptable!"


He's also weighing in on news from the Russia investigation that former FBI lawyer Lisa Page is resisting a subpoena.