Gross irregularities of private universities | 2018-07-08 |

Gross irregularities of private universities

    7th July, 2018 10:34:57 printer

That the country's one-third of private universities is literally selling certificates is a shocking revelation. The introduction of private universities in the early nineties made us hopeful that they will come up with a timely and effective solution to the scarcity of higher educational institutions in the country. But, to our utter dismay, many of them are not only engaged in business in the name of spreading education but also in fraudulent activities of a very low standard. In practice, they reduced the issue of maintaining the quality of higher education to a matter of joke.

Without maintaining proper quality, delivery of education is useless and it is like a burden to the receiver. Thus, a handful of so-called educational institutions are making the nation burdensome with so many graduates who have almost no capacity to sell them in the job market and no mentionable utility for accelerating economic growth of the country. For those who are victims of the deception, the total duration of their university education goes in vain. 

That three decades after private universities started functioning, more than 30 of them have come out fraudulent is not acceptable. In fact, their involvement in gross irregularities puts into question the efficiency of the relevant authorities who are engaged in overseeing the quality of higher education. One can fairly conclude that slack monitoring of activities of these unruly universities for a long time has led them to their today’s disgraceful state.

There is no doubt that the fraudulent universities have already produced a significant number of unfit graduates who have deteriorated the acute unemployment crisis by being added to the job market. After spending time and money productivity of the students did not increase much. More importantly, this has resulted in a great and unacceptable loss for them as well as the country.

The country is thriving for achieving the middle-income country status by 2021. For this, an efficient young generation is urgently needed. This is possible when universities provide students with world-class education in line with the global standard. But, activities of these universities are not at all compatible with this objective. Thus, they deserve cancellation of permission to operate anymore. It is also essential to take initiatives to stop fraudulent activities of the universities.