Russian couple divorce over Ronaldo-Messi debate | 2018-07-05 |

Russian couple divorce over Ronaldo-Messi debate

    4th July, 2018 10:30:07 printer

Crisitano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi divides people around the world, with many a friendship coming to end over the ‘greatness’ of one over the other football champion. However one couple in Russia went as far as to get divorced over the debate - Ronaldo or Messi!

‘Argumento I Fakti’ a newspaper in Russia reported that a man got into an argument with his wife after Messi’s Argentina defeated Nigeria, reports Times of India.

The football-mad couple, named only as ‘Arsen’ and ‘Lyudmila’ by the newspaper, started fighting after the husband celebrated Argentina’s victory. He decided to pack his things and leave when his wife kept insisting that Ronaldo is better.

The husband later speaking to the press recollected that he and his wife had first met in a bar while watching the 2002 World Cup and had fallen in love talking about football.