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Facebook cripples future generation

    30th June, 2018 09:50:51 printer

Facebook cripples future generation

The present era is called the modern era of information technology. Modern information technology has brought the whole world into the hands of human beings. And due to the Internet, the level of social communication has increased much more than the past. Especially, among the social media Facebook is the most popular medium of this time, because, it has made communication easy, as well as the flow of data dynamic. Because of that, recent issues, problems, possibilities including citizen’s thinking and many other things have come into our hands by the welfare of Facebook. 

We also know about personal information as well as what is happening in the country through Facebook, such as what are the issues discussed in the country, etc. A huge marketplace is built around the media, because of people’s interest in Facebook. Advertising, marketing, news service, public opinion structure, survey, various jobs are now being managed on Facebook. The Facebook user can post his opinion easily about his love, problems and other people can also read and see his post or picture and express their opinion about it.

If there was no Facebook, maybe a lot of big events would have been suppressed. For example, the case of teenage Rajan killing became viral at first on Facebook. Immediately the video of torture spread everywhere. After that people demanded justice for killing of Rajan. Facebook played a major role in creating awareness in Tonu murder case, Rana plaza collapse and many such national issues. On Facebook, when people raised any issue or protested against any problem later on that went on to become mass power, then the problem usually got a solution.

Facebook has both good direction as well as has some bad side. Social media including Facebook are mostly harming the youth and teenage generation of the present time. There are a lot of Facebook user young generations in Bangladesh who are studying in schools, colleges and universities. The main work of students is to study but due to Facebook there is a serious hampering of studies in the students. A lot of students are addicted to Facebook at present. They enjoy Facebook more than studies.

The young generation, who were supposed to be inclined to discover and take the society ahead by thinking and creativity, are instead falling for the Facebook today. They don`t get time now for thinking about something new. Young generations are jiggling on the Facebook their boundless possibility, as they have in thinking and consciousness only the social media. They are forgetting that they have something to give to the country and the nation instead of finding intoxication on Facebook.

Besides, physical work is needed for the students to grow and keep well. They need to play in the fields and be outdoors. But love of the social media has detained them increasingly indoors. As studying, reading, coaching, private tuitioning, etc. already bite into the play time of students, now in addition Facebook is taking what little time they get for themselves. It is also taking away the sleep from their eyes. The potential of the youth of the country are being damaged mentally and physically. In this way, Facebook is crippling our future generation. Therefore, the government will have to take appropriate action to protect the future of the country from such destruction.


Md Jahangir Alom, the writer is journalist