Controversial aspirants and intruders in politics | 2018-06-25 |

Controversial aspirants and intruders in politics

    24th June, 2018 10:10:02 printer

The prime minister on Saturday warned that controversial lawmakers and leaders will not be allowed to participate in the next general elections with her party ticket. This point is indicating toward the direction the politics of the largest political party in the country is heading to. From time to time media reports disclose information about the involvement of a section of politicians in corruption, nepotism and crimes. These negative news items continue to portray the typical image of politicians involved in various irregularities after getting power.

In many cases, individuals with a criminal history try to get involved in active politics. They usually do not change their characteristics after becoming successful; rather they get involved in more offences by exploiting power. They help spread crimes in the society by patronising them. Crimes and corruption eat up vitals of development endeavour of the government. But the right selection of election candidates can help in bringing down the rate of crimes and corruption.

Also, corrupt activists are burdens of a political party as they not only defame the party but also cause it to lose the people’s mandate to run the country. Those who are involved in politics for a long time and gradually develop them as a leader are not likely to lose the track and get involved in anything subversive to the party as well as the nation. Politics for narrow personal gains derail many activists from the noble principles of a party. Experience dictates us to believe that such activists ruin the party in the long run. 

It is a timely call to resist these immoral politicians known as seasonal politicians or intruders. This kind of people with almost no personal and political value breaks the discipline in a vibrant political party by fuelling internal feuds. The opposition always takes advantage of such indiscipline situation. Even a party that has nothing to lose may face disappointment and failure by patronising wrong leaders. For this, people and the country suffer the most. This is a vital point that politicians must bear in mind.