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River erosion takes serious turn in Faridpur

UNB     24th June, 2018 01:19:02 printer

River erosion takes serious turn in Faridpur

The devastating erosion by the mighty River Padma has taken a serious turn in Char Bhadrasan upazila of the district threatening the river-protection dam.


The people of the upazila living beside the dam are passing days in fear of erosion.


The river was only 12 meters away from the locality of Dangi village in Sadar upazila, locals said adding that the entire village may go inside the river anytime.


Bangladesh Water Development Board (BWDB) has spent around Tk 4 crore for the development of the dam by building a concrete road on it.


Moreover, some 26,130 sacks filled with sand were put beside the river bank in the affected areas in three phases, according to BWDB sources.


Wasel Uddin Sikdar, a resident of Dangi village, said river erosion has taken a serious turn in last seven days. “It will not be possible to protect the main road of the upazila if necessary measures will not be initiated immediately,” he added.


No effective measures were initiated though political leaders of the area had assured the villagers of repairing the road, said Ishak Sheikh, another villager.


Char Bhadrasan Sadar Union Parishad Chairman Md Azad Khan said a letter was sent to the higher authority describing the overall situation of the river erosion.


Establishments including school, houses, madrasa and mosque adjoining to the river bank will be disappeared in river very soon if necessary measure to protect the dam would not be taken immediately, the chairman further said.


BWDB Engineer Sultan Mahmud said a proposal under the sustainable dam protection project was sent to the concerned authority for saving around 2.5 kilometre of road.


“The repairing works will be stared soon after the approval of the project,” he added.