In India, rats have a $19,000 meal | 2018-06-22 |

In India, rats have a $19,000 meal

AP     22nd June, 2018 02:39:36 printer

In India, rats have a $19,000 meal


Police say at least one rat slipped through a hole in the back of an ATM in northeastern India and started eating. By the time it finished, more than $19,000 in bills were shredded.


The police superintendent in the town of Tinsukia, Mugdha Jyoti Mahanta, says that when technicians arrived June 11 to fix a broken State Bank of India cash machine they found a dead rat inside it and Indian currency notes worth nearly 1.3 million rupees, or a little over $19,000, chewed to shreds. The rat had entered the ATM through a small hole for cables.


A bank employee said Friday an investigation has been ordered.