Exchange of Eid Cards: A tradition fading away | 2018-06-15 |

Exchange of Eid Cards: A tradition fading away

UNB     15th June, 2018 10:32:33 printer

Exchange of Eid Cards: A tradition fading away

As soon as the holy moon confirms the arrival of Eid-ul-Fitr, eid wishes will start popping up on digital screens of mobile phones, tablets and laptops. But once, these wishes used to be sent with colorful ‘Eid Cards’.


While visiting the country’s one of the largest card manufacturer ‘Ideal Products’, staff were seen busy making wedding cards. One of its staff, Moslem Uddin, told UNB that in this age of mobile and internet, people have forgotten the tradition of sending printed Eid cards.


Eid card business has dropped down a lot over the years, as people now prefer sending e-cards to wish Eid Mubarak, he said.


DM Towhidul Alam, a government official, said, buying Eid cards for friends and family was one of the most exciting part of Eid celebration during the childhood. But the tradition has faded away in the busy city life.


“Now we send wishes through SMS, e-mails or through social media. E-cards have taken the places of those printed cards,” he said adding, “But, the e-cards cannot replace handwritten emotions.”


There are still some people who like to carry on the almost forgotten tradition.


Fahmida Farhana Priti, a student of Dhaka University, bought some Eid greeting cards from Arong for her cousins to pass the tradition to the next generation.


“Eid cards are not only the token of love and affection, but it’s also a nice way to invite close people to your home on Eid days,” she added.


“In the past, we could buy cards from our neighbourhood. But now, such shops are not seen anywhere nearby,” said Priti who sends eid greeting cards to her cousins living in other countries through courier services every year to share her affection for them.


“I want them to know the value of the emotions attached with these handwritten wishes and also I like to recall my childhood memories through sending them eid cards,” she added.


Though the tradition of sending Eid cards for individuals is fading away, printed cards are still in demand because of various corporate organisations as they are now the largest part of the customers of the card manufacturers.


Shahin Alam, Branch Manager of Azad Products, another one of the largest card manufacturers, said most orders for eid cards come from different organisations.


“But, the people of mid-age and elderly ones, who still like to practise the tradition of sending hand written wishes to their dear ones, come and buy eid cards from here,” he added.


Despite the decreasing number of customers, there are many shops in the city from where people can buy Eid greeting cards.


In Ideal Products at Polton, printed cards are available at Tk 1 to Tk 20, in Azad Products the cards cost from Tk 12 to Tk25. Handmade cards are available at Arong at a price starting from Tk 60.


Different chain gift shops like Archies Gallery and Hallmarks also have colorful greeting cards at different price range.


One can also visit places such as New Market and Bangla Bazar to look for their desired cards. These places as well as Nilkhet and Katabon also have craft accessories to offer people who want to surprise their dear ones with handmade cards with special messages.