Spike in extortion threat | 2018-06-14 | daily-sun.com

Spike in extortion threat

    13th June, 2018 10:27:05 printer

Criminals from hideouts have intensified the ways they collect money ahead of one of the biggest annual festivals in the country. People accumulate money at this particular time of the year for shopping and other purposes. Plainly, criminals are active to collect a handsome amount of money from businessmen, traders and government officials in the days before the festival. Victims of such criminals quite often face dire consequences in case they do not pay the ransom amount. They suffer from fear of even losing lives. And this is how this way of extortion has become a common and widespread trend of crime. 

Extortion victims do not prefer going to the police for protection due to lack of confidence. Capitalising on this, sometimes even petty offenders, pretending to be top criminals, make fake calls to realise extortion money.  However, though victims of extortion do not always go to police after receiving threats, members of the law enforcing agencies are not unaware about the sources of intimidation. As reported, many extortion gangs continue to grab money by dividing the city into regions under their control. 

It has been learnt that some of the ringleaders of extortion gangs are staying abroad, some remain in jails and some are on the run to avoid police arrest. All of them manage to collect money through their agents including those teenagers who are engaged in snatching and extortion in different areas of the city. Notably, petty criminals literally have joined hands with the top terrors that are controlling extortion rackets in large scale in different areas of the city.

It is not acceptable that many top criminals are staying in a friendly neighbouring country almost safe. Though there are provisions for exchange of criminals between the two countries, many with sadistic and violent criminal records continue a reign of terror inside Bangladesh from safe haven outside. That many top terrors from within jails are running extortion gangs is a perfect example of the inefficiency of the crime-busting agencies. 

Spike in extortion threats over phone ahead of the Eid mainly points to the poor law and order. The authorities concerned should take note of the situation and go for immediate remedial action.