Crimes decline during Ramadan | 2018-06-11 |

Crimes decline during Ramadan

Md Esaraf Hossain     10th June, 2018 10:57:11 printer

Unlike previous years, incidents of major crimes, including killing and mugging, have marked a significant decline in the capital during Ramadan this year.

Most of the criminals as well as drug traders and drug addicts went into hiding this time in the face of the ongoing nationwide anti-drug crackdown, detectives said.

No major crimes took place anywhere in the capital and on its outskirts during the last 24 days of Ramadan.

Criminal activities like mugging and robbery by members of aggyan-party (dope gang) and extortion have also declined significantly in the capital following the anti-drug drive.

Around 150 suspected drug dealers have been killed in shootouts with the law enforcers during the ongoing anti-drug crackdown that began on May 4.

Over 10,000 suspected drug dealers were also arrested by the law enforcers during the period.

Such criminals and drug dealers have remained fugitives to avoid arrest.

As they are not active in the field, major criminal activities are not taking place in the capital and elsewhere in the country, intelligence sources said.

With the beginning of the fasting month of Ramadan, Dhaka city dwellers usually witness a large number of criminal incidents every year. But this year is an exception.

With the spurt of crimes like extortion, mugging, robbery and murder, the law and order in the capital usually hits rock bottom just ahead of each Eid festival much to the concern of city dwellers.

Organised gangs of criminals and drug addicts start roaming the city.

They swoop on people with firearms to rob them of their valuables while drug addicts use sedatives and ointment to make their prey temporarily blind and unconscious, police said.

The incidence of mugging was an alarming proportion in the capital during Ramadan last year.

According to police records, 50 cases of mugging, 35 robberies and dozens of other criminal activities like hijacking and extortion took place in different parts of the city during the month of Ramadan last year.

Gangs of snatchers were particularly active in Gulshan-Banani, Dhanmondi-Kalabagan, Mohammadpur and Uttara residential areas during Ramadan.

They used to come in motorcycles, expensive cars and microbuses, snatch away the valuables from people and quickly get away, said law enforcement sources.

“This year we don’t see such incidents,” said Akbar Hossain, a resident of Golapbagh area.

When contacted, Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) Commissioner Asaduzzaman Miah said no major crime takes place in the capital this year during the month of Ramadan.

“Due to our all-out security measures comprising uniform and plain-clothes police, organised gangs of criminals are not getting any scope of committing major crimes during the Ramadan in the capital,” the DMP commissioner said.         

Asaduzzaman Mia, however, said there had been no snatching incidents in Dhaka during Ramadan, which started on May 18, because of the increased police surveillance.

He said police and intelligence officials in plain clothes are working to keep the city streets safe. “If any criminals, including snatchers, are found on the streets, law enforcers will catch them,“ he said.

Police have taken extra precautions for Ramadan and Eid to prevent snatching, mugging and other criminal activities, he added.