Putin criticizes US withdrawal from Iranian nuclear deal | 2018-06-10 | daily-sun.com

Putin criticizes US withdrawal from Iranian nuclear deal

AP     10th June, 2018 12:32:02 printer

Putin criticizes US withdrawal from Iranian nuclear deal


Russian President Vladimir Putin on Sunday criticized the US withdrawal from the Iranian nuclear deal in a speech at a regional summit in China, reports AP.


Speaking during a summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization in Qingdao, Putin emphasized that the bloc members are worried about the U.S. move. They include China, Russia along with four ex-Soviet Central Asian nations, as well as India and Pakistan.


Putin said that Washington's decision to exit the agreement could "destabilize the situation" in the region. He added that Moscow will continue to honor its obligations under the Iranian nuclear deal.


Last month, President Donald Trump pulled out of former President Barack Obama's landmark 2015 nuclear accord with Iran over the objections of European allies and other nations.


Addressing the summit, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, whose country has an observer status in the group, said that Iran would expect other participants in the nuclear deal to provide guarantees that they would honor the agreement.


Founded in 2001, the Beijing-based SCO has largely served as a vehicle for resolving border issues, fighting terrorism and — more implicitly — to counter American influence in Central Asia following its invasion of Afghanistan.