Tightly-controlled Singapore rolls out tough summit security | 2018-06-10 | daily-sun.com

Tightly-controlled Singapore rolls out tough summit security

    9th June, 2018 10:46:55 printer

SINGAPORE: Singapore’s reputation for rigid law and order was seen as a major factor for being chosen to host Tuesday’s US-North Korea summit—and the tiny city-state is determined not to disappoint, reports AFP.  

Police, including elite units of Nepalese Gurkhas, will flood the streets and enforce a virtual lockdown of key sections of the city, blocking off roads to facilitate the historic face-to-face between President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

And in order to preempt any disruptive protests, a blanket ban has been imposed on bringing flares, banners or loudhailers anywhere near the key summit venues.

Concrete barricades will spring up at key sites and mechanical metal barriers that rise from the ground at the touch of a button are likely to appear on some roads.

The police deployment for the hotly anticipated meeting is expected to be the biggest since 2006 when some 23,000 officers were mobilised for an IMF-World Bank meeting in the city-state.

Singaporeans are used to, and largely accept, tough security measures and the sight of uniformed officers patrolling the metro and armed soldiers at airports is normal.

The government has long hammered into its citizens that heavy security is necessary as the wealthy financial hub is a prime target for a terror attack.

But the extreme measures are likely to be rare even by Singaporean standards, and could disrupt the largely orderly daily life of the city’s 5.6 million residents.