London ‘concerned’ for Palestinian deaths | 2018-06-08 |

London ‘concerned’ for Palestinian deaths

May tells Netanyahu

    7th June, 2018 11:22:26 printer

LONDON: British Prime Minister Theresa May told Israeli counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday that London is “concerned” about Palestinian deaths on the Gaza border, as he insisted the protests were driven by Hamas, reports AFP. 

As the pair met at her Downing Street office, they were at odds over the clashes on the Gaza Strip border fence.May said Britain was “concerned about the loss of Palestinian lives” in the recent Gaza protests.

She said Britain “absolutely recognises” Israel’s right to defend itself against “extremists and terrorists”.

“But with 100 Palestinian lives lost and a deteriorating situation in Gaza I hope we can talk about how we can alleviate that situation and how we can ensure that we can get back to a position where we are able to find a way through to talk about a two-state solution.”

Netanyahu insisted that the protesters were being “paid for and pushed by Hamas” to try to break through the border and kill Israelis.