Be careful on buying counterfeit Hitachi products | 2018-06-07 |

Be careful on buying counterfeit Hitachi products

Sun Online Desk     7th June, 2018 05:36:57 printer

Be careful on buying counterfeit Hitachi products

The presence of replicated and substandard products labelled with Japanese brand Hitachi has been found in the local market of the country.


Best Electronics, the distributor company of the global brand Hitachi, claimed the matter through a press release on Wednesday.


Marketing Director of the company Tahmid Zaman Rashik said, the fridges, Ac’s and washing machines stored in different showrooms of the country do not have any genuine approval.


He said, those counterfeit products are made assembling with different substandard electronic parts and then marketed after labeling Hitachi brand. Thus, the aspiring customers are being deceived, he added.


He also said, only ‘Best Electronics’ and ‘Transcom Digital’ have original endorsement of distributing Hitachi products in the country. Simply these two companies have the real authorizing capacity to provide ‘brand warranty’ and ‘genuine parts’.


Considering such circumstances, he calls for buying Hitachi fridge, AC and washing machine only from the showrooms authorized by ‘Best Electronics’ and ‘Transcom Digital’.