Apple approves Telegram app | 2018-06-04 |

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Apple approves Telegram app

Scitech Report     3rd June, 2018 09:53:39 printer

Apple approves Telegram app

Apple has approved an updated version of the Telegram messaging service, a day after Telegram complained that it had been prevented from getting software improvements into the hands of iPhone owners worldwide.

Telegram Chief Executive Pavel Durov announced the turnabout on Twitter, thanking Apple and CEO Tim Cook for getting the latest Telegram version “to millions of users, despite the recent setbacks.”

On Thursday, Durov had said Apple had refused to allow updates in its App Store since April.

Apple has thus far resisted a Russian order that month to remove the application from the store entirely, and the update delay sparked concern.

Without an update, not all Telegram features worked on the latest iPhone software, and Telegram also said it was running afoul of new European data privacy laws.