No sign of Hilsa in Meghna River | 2018-05-26 |

No sign of Hilsa in Meghna River

UNB     26th May, 2018 09:30:02 printer

No sign of Hilsa in Meghna River

For past one week the fishermen were failing to catch adequate hilsa fish from Meghna River, triggering frustration among the fishermen in Laxmipur district.


District Fisheries Office said last two months – March and April fishing hilsa was banned but in May though the ban was lifted, the fishermen were not getting adequate number of hilsa from the river.


Around 46,000 people in the district depend on fishing in the district while among them only 27800 fishermen were registered.


Visiting the fish markets at Motirhat, Mojuchowdhuryirhat, Ladhuaghat and Mollarhat UNB correspondent reports that the fishermen and fish traders were passing time in leisure as no significant number of fish was available in the market. 


The fishermen said they hardly can catch 3 to 4 hilsas after fishing all day long, suddenly from last week all the sign of Hilsa has vanished.


Many fishermen have lost everything failing to pay the debt of the moneylenders while many were passing days with unbearable agony, fishermen said.


Though the government was scheduled to provide Tk 40 rice during the months of hilsa ban (four months) for fishermen but most of the fishermen did not get the rice as local UP chairman and their relatives siphoned it, they alleged.


Meanwhile, District Fisheries Officer HM Mahib Ulla said the reproduction of Hilsa was hit by the imbalanced climate change and decreased navigability of the river affecting the breeding spots of the river.


Also catching of hilsa fry accelerated the scarcity of mature hilsa in the river, he said.