Will name it ‘Survival’ if any film made on Rohingya kids: Priyanka | 2018-05-26 | daily-sun.com

Will name it ‘Survival’ if any film made on Rohingya kids: Priyanka

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26th May, 2018 08:56:34 printer

Will name it ‘Survival’ if any film made on Rohingya kids: Priyanka



An actor, a singer, a producer, an artist, a philanthropist - you name it, Priyanka Chopra, the former Miss World, has already done it.


Priyanka, also Goodwill Ambassador of Unicef, feels so blessed after visiting Rohingya camps in Cox’s Bazar and meeting helpless Rohingya children.


And if she gets an opportunity to make a film on the Rohingya children and deprived children all over the world, she wants to name it “Survival.”


“I would call it survival,” Priyanka said before leaving Dhaka after wrapping up her four-day Bangladesh visit when she was asked if she ever gets to make a film on these children who are deprived what she would name it.


She said she has become a producer recently and has so far produced eight-nine films. “As a producer, my intention is to give an opportunity to new talents.”


Priyanka indicated that she might write stories someday out of her inspiration and experiences from Unicef but at the moment she is giving opportunity to others to tell the stories as a producer.


“As I travel back from Cox’s Bazar to Los Angeles…the only thing on my mind is how much privilege I have been blessed with. I thank each person who has contributed to making my life so blessed,” she wrote on her Instagram account.


Priyanka said she is grateful for all that she has and will always be on a quest to make life at least a little easier for as many as she can. “I thank God for having the ability to do so.”


“I’m so moved by this Unicef field trip to the #rohingyarefugeecamp in Bangladesh. To witness the incredible strength it takes just to survive,” Priyanka wrote.


She said the fight for “survival” is so primal. “I’m humbled to have witnessed it,” Priyanka said urging all to help Rohingya children and see what they can do for the children of the world.


As the Unicef Goodwill Ambassador, Priyanka Chopra has called for more global action and support for vulnerable Rohingya children and women urging all to open their hearts with compassion.


“Every child deserves a future. Every child deserves an opportunity to contribute to humanity. Please be sympathetic and treat these children as your own,” said the Bollywood actress in a crowded pre-departure press conference at a city hotel on Thursday evening.


Terming her Cox’s Bazar visit one of her most life-changing trips that she has made along with Unicef, Priyanka said it is heartening to see the immense support that has been provided by the government of Bangladesh.