ASK worried at growing ‘extrajudicial’ killings | 2018-05-22 |

ASK worried at growing ‘extrajudicial’ killings

Sun Online Desk     22nd May, 2018 12:15:59 printer

ASK worried at growing ‘extrajudicial’ killings

Around 27 people, mostly suspected drug peddlers or drug addicts, were killed in ‘so-called gunfights' with law enforcers across the country in the last 21 days as of Monday, said human rights body Ain O Salish Kendra (ASK).


Of them, 10 were killed in ‘gun battles’ with Rapid Action Battalion (RAB), eight with police and nine others with Detective Branch (DB) of police across the country during the period, according the ASK statistics released on Monday.


The rights body, which prepared the statistics compiling reports of different national dailies, strongly condemned and expressed deep concern over the incremental rise in extrajudicial killing.


According to media reports, the government has recently taken a 'zero tolerance' policy against drugs.


As a part of it, the joint forces of Rapid Action Battalion (Rab) and police have been conducting a massive anti-narcotics drive across the country since the beginning of the current month, the ASK said.


A total of 18 suspected drug traders or drug addicts were killed in ‘gunfights’ with Rab and police across the country in the only last six days alone, it said.


According to the media reports, the rights watchdog said 2300 suspected drug peddlers or addicts have been arrested till May 15 during the ongoing anti-drug operation.


According to the ASK statistics, at least 102 people have been subjected to gunfights /cross fires or extrajudicial killings from January to May 21 this year, indicating an very alarming rise in extrajudicial killing in the country.


“We welcome the government's stern position against a dangerous social menace like drug, but it is necessary remain alert so that the existing law and human rights are not violated in implementing the government’s steps. We want the government to give the members of the law enforcement agencies with necessary instructions in this regard,” the rights body said in a press release.


Mentioning that every person has the right to live and get justice, the ASK said the offenders must be punished through the court following proper legal processes, no matter what crime they committed.


Otherwise, it said, the rule of law will be destroyed and chaos and disorder would affect society.


Stating that the human rights bodies at both home and abroad have long been expressing concerns about the growing extrajudicial killings here, the ASK urged the government to be respectful to the basic principles of the human rights.