NCC brings down part of 100-year-old school building | 2018-05-21 |

NCC brings down part of 100-year-old school building

Sun Online Desk     21st May, 2018 01:47:15 printer

NCC brings down part of 100-year-old school building

Narayanganj City Corporation (NCC) authorities brought down part of an over 100-year-old girls school to make room for a parking lot.


Part of the building housing the kitchen mainly of the Morgan Girls School & College, established in 1910, was destroyed under the directions of NCC Mayor Selina Hayat Ivy, claimed school authorities, to create parking space for the multi-storied Ali Ahmed Chunka Library built by the city corporation.


The library, named after the father of the mayor, took eight years to build costing Tk 26 crore, but there was no parking space provided.


Soon after the incident, hundreds of students, teachers and guardians came out onto the street in protest and demonstrated again on Sunday afternoon.


NCC Mayor Selina Hayat Ivy simply claimed NCC is the owner of the land, and that she has all the relevant documents to prove it.


School's governing committee member Imamul Selim said people directed by NCC Mayor carried out the demolition using a 'Veku' machine on Saturday night around 11 pm.


School authorities arrived there immediately upon hearing the information, but by then the people went away with the Veku machine, he added.


NCC Chief Executive Ehteshamul Haque claimed the building is not totally destroyed, but that some parts may have been broken due to run the work of Ali Ahmed Chunka Library.


The school and college had 2500 students as of 2011-12 academic year.