Ensure food standard during Ramadan | 2018-05-17 | daily-sun.com

Ensure food standard during Ramadan

    16th May, 2018 11:41:13 printer

We are appalled at the news that dozens of food items widely used during Ramadan were found to be below standard by the BSTI in their recent testing of market samples. Keeping the fasting month in mind, BSTI checked hundreds of samples and found many which are not up to the standard for public consumption. The low quality food items are soybean oil, drinking water, ghee and pasteurised milk of different companies. These food items are also used widely throughout the year by the unsuspecting people. Public health may be more susceptible to ill effects of inferior quality food due to long hours of fasting. So we feel that the authorities should be extremely strict in enforcing food standard during Ramadan for the sake of the health of millions.

It is a matter of shame that industries and traders connected to food business in the country can stoop to the depth of jeopardising health of millions only for some paltry profit. Whereas our religion strictly forbids all kinds of food adulteration, the culprits choose Ramadan, the month dedicated to soul-cleansing self-control, to increase their wrongdoings. It is incomprehensible to us that many of them should profess to be even devoutly religious. By what logic do they justify such crimes is a question left to these pseudo religious. Being on the brink of the holy month, we would like to appeal to the better side of these business persons so that they stop playing with the health and life of the countrymen.

But we would prefer to depend upon the authorities entrusted with the responsibility of maintaining food quality. We hope that they will remain alert and vigilantly maintain the standard of foods on offer to the public at all times, everywhere. Any lapse on their part should also be strictly monitored; otherwise the risk of the gullible public consuming low-quality foods will remain. If required, to maintain a high standard of all food items, exemplary punishments for food adulteration must be meted out by the authorities without fear or favour.