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Ramadan to begin Friday as new moon not sighted

Sun Online Desk     16th May, 2018 08:07:00 printer

Ramadan to begin Friday as new moon not sighted

The Holy Ramadan, the lunar month of self-purification through fasting and abstinence, will begin in the country on Friday as the new moon was not sighted anywhere in Bangladesh sky on Wednesday.


The National Moon Sighting Committee led by Religious Affairs Minister Maulana Motiur Rahman took the decision at a meeting held at Islamic Foundation’s Baitul Mukarram office in the city on Wednesday.


Ramadaan, the holiest month on the Islamic calendar, marks the start of the 30-day fast.


Meanwhile, Saudi Arabian moon observers said there was no sight of the Ramadan crescent on Tuesday, meaning millions of Muslims around the world will begin the holy month on Thursday.


According to reports on Saudi Arabian state TV, as published by Arab News, bad weather made observation of the crescent difficult.


The Kingdom and other Muslim nations like Indonesia declared Ramadan would not begin on Wednesday based on the observations by moon-sighting committees.


In Nigeria, the Sultan of Sokoto, Saad Abubakar, has advised Muslims to look out for the crescent moon on Wednesday; an indication the fasting will also start on Thursday.